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Information / Quality Policy

"The Technology Center Where Dreams Come Real"

Our Objectives:
  • Be a leading global company for further development of and setting the international standards in simulators for the use of aviation, civil defense, entertainment, industrial and educational purposes.
  • Sustain our advancedR&D studies and contribute to global know-how in our field of business.
  • Develop ERTECH to be a leading company and a pioneer in development and improvement of new technologies and software.
  • Maintain our customer oriented approach in every aspect of our business.
  • Make dreams come true via the use of technology.
Our Objectives:

Customer-focused business strategy and the "best" to be the target, to give importance to human resources development, producing source passes forget, business ethics and integrity of the "sine qua non" condition to be aware of the layer to make the power of the fundamental principles and to our country.